by Tyler Scruggs

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go on a voyage with the pop-culture cosmonaut tyler scruggs as he journeys through strange new worlds like high school and girls

"It's pretty good, yo." - Connor Dalton

Late Night With Laura
The Film Vault
Awkward Apocalypse

Summer League
Pool Party


released April 9, 2013

Written and Produced by Tyler Scruggs.
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Allen.
Album art by Joseph Irizarry.



all rights reserved


Tyler Scruggs Oakland Park, Florida

Retrofuturist Pop Musician.

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Track Name: Urgency
laying out on the beach
working on your sun tan
I'm dancing 'round like a fool
tryin' to prove I'm a man

but when I drive you home
you wanna be left alone
and I wanna know why

so baby what's the urgency?
we have a few hours
and I have a few ideas
but baby when you kiss my cheek
I feel something inside and I'm asking so much more

back at my place studying
quote on quote
you touch my knee, I stroke your hair
there's a lump in my throat

but then you start to freeze
when you think you hear car keys
and I wanna know why
Track Name: Summertime
we're taking on the world one day at a time
cruising down the freeway, we just passed out sign
our exit home is just ahead, but I wanna cruise 'round instead
let's hit up downtown
cause that's where things go down

cause it's summertime
we're feeling fine
our worries out the window
cruising down the boulevard
in a car with no top
the night is young and so are we
to the beach just you and me
and if we die tonight
girl, I think we'll be alright
cause all our cares and worries are all out of sight
baby it's summertime tonight

i'm dressed in my sunday best but it's friday night
look at this city baby let's see the sight
crank up the car stereo and as we watch the streetlights glow
the weekend's just begun
and the whole block heard as we sung

growing up can wait
forever young is our fate
Track Name: Ducks in a Row
I can't wait to have my ducks in a row
my ducks in a row, I can't wait
the future is all just a show
and you don't know it's all a show
someday I pray that class would end
and my life would begin
but we're not dismissed
summer never comes
and I'm still dumb
to the world I'm living in

If I had the answers
I wouldn't be here
I wouldn't be here
take my hand
we'll never need to fear
the sky's are getting clear
my love
Track Name: Breathing Room
the men's room is my sanctuary
it's the only place where you're not allowed
just give me five more minutes
I can't hear myself think
and you don't even know what that means

but now I need some time alone
some breathing room
is that too much to ask my friend?
and as you text my ear off
you'll find out just how much
you're pissing me off

apparently I'm equally a nuisance
you can't stand me being around
and your ex-boyfriend sits behind me in math class
he gives me the stinkiest of eyes

i've given up
and girl, I ain't a quitter
the last thing I wanna do
is to upset her
all set things would be
you should'a told me

the men's room is my sanctuary
but I don't want to be alone
Track Name: Daisy
my pockets are empty
but my heart is full
Im a romantic at heart but maybe I'm a fool
I told you to wait
But I was five years too late
And now Tom Buchanan is holdin' your hand and
I'm losing my hair

Oh, Daisy
I've been thinking lately
That our eggs are cracked in half
in our minds and on the map and now
you're my only baby
and all I need is your green light
and we'll own this gosh-darn New York night

old sport, I'm trying to heal old sores
and give my life and soul a bone
and invite Daisy to my home
and I'll throw
the grandest party ever known
and make my broken heart worthwhile
cause all I wanted to do was make you smile

i'll take a bullet for you
and I'll die with a smile on my face
cause all I want is to make you happy
whether with Tom or me
Track Name: Body of Thor
checkin' my breath every five minutes
beggin' my friends for a box of breath mints
cause I know you're someone special
I know you're someone special

I puff my chest up and straighten my hair
hopin' you'll have the nerve to stop and stare
but the hallways are silent
the hallways are silent

but fear runs through my mind
thinking of all the flaws that you might find

I hope you don't mind this mole on my chest
hope you don't care about my garlicy breath
I know I may not have the body of Thor
But I'll give you all I have and so much more

through all my flaws and idiosyncrasies
you have the nerve to smile and wink at me
you must be someone special
you must be someone special
Track Name: Ryan Gosling
it's time to face the facts
I'll never look like Ryan Gosling
I'll just sing my stupid songs
and no one hears them
cause I'm just another punk on the internet

I'm on a boat
and it's call self-loathing
and I just recently started getting on
when I turned seventeen
and realized I wasn't cute

I'm just flinging spaghetti hoping it'll stick
and I'll find my schtick
and I'll finally look like Tyler Scruggs

I cant afford drugs
so that can't be it
I'm not lucky with the ladies
thanks to these zits
will anyone look up to me
and wanna look like Tyler Scruggs?
Track Name: Spokane
explanations are such cheap poetry
my love life is such great forgery
and I know, I know, I know, I'm hurting you

maybe things are different on another timeline
but this one's pretty dark I heard it through the grapevine
That you're leaving town for good
And the worst part is I understood

You're the definition of fun while it lasted
Your love is elastic
And it's about to break

Take it from the roommates in my mind
Waste of time, I'm a waste of time
I'm not a diamond in the rough, in the rough
Now I'm missing your scent and your touch and
I'm the addiction that you can't break
Drop me on a dime, on a time
And you say you're fine
But I know what's at stake

Well now I'm tired of being witty
Tired of being cute
There's a box in my attic
Memories of you
I just don't have the heart to bury them just yet

Cause overall, they were pretty damn cool
We parted ways the best we thought we could so
Why are we still broken hearted?
Finish what was never started

Now the worst part is
That summer's almost over
And I'm not any closer
To finding a new you
The worst part is that summer's almost over
Track Name: Marry Me, Marisa Tomei
you become fine like a wine with age
doesn't matter to me, I'm underage
the world is dark and cruel but I don't care
nothing's as dark and cruel as your black hair
and there's one wish I have before I die

marry me, marisa tomei
we could live happily and cozy
I don't care what they say
what only matter's is that I'm with
marisa tomei

and there's one wish I have before I die
and that's for you, marisa to be my wife
Track Name: Neptune
earth is getting old
or is it me?
I tried to be lost at sea
but that isn't me

I tried to get Into The Wild
but it's not my style
haven't been out in a while
I'm just cruising asiles

I feel cocooned
my earth is doomed
so I'll pack my things
I'm leaving soon
I'm moving to neptune

I'll write a book
Of things I've never said
and when I'm dead
I'll be praised then
when I'm up in Neptune

I'll bring my things
the things that remind me
that there's a piece of me
in all my things on Neptune

and when I'm dead
there'll be things said
baby don't hear a word
just refer to me on Neptune